Missing, Lost, & Damaged Packages


If a carrier says a package has been delivered but you haven't received it, please let us know within 48 hours so that we may investigate.

We may not be able to refund or replace any packages if you do not promptly notify us about a delivery problem within this 48 hour time frame.

Please note: Our system will send you 4 emails: 1) When a shipping label is created, 2) When the shipping label is scanned by the carrier, 3) When the package is out for delivery, and 4) When the package is scanned as delivered by the carrier. It is very important that you keep an eye on these emails so that you can notify us immediately if there's a problem.

After verifying that the address on your order is correct and complete, please check around your home to see if the carrier may have left the package in an unusual spot, such as in a garage or carport, behind a gate, beside a back door, or even with a neighbor. Please also check with anyone else who may live in your home to see if they have already brought the package inside.

Please note that the package may not have the "Pine Street Clinic" name on the outside of the box. (Some orders are sent directly from certain brands or their distributors.)

If your package was shipped using USPS, please reach out to your local post office to have them reivew the GPS records for the delivery. (Your post office will only accept your phone call to investigate, not ours.) Click here to find the phone number of your local post office.

If the package does not turn up and you believe a crime has been committed at your address, we will then arrange to have the carrier launch a full investigation.


If your package arrives damaged, please take lots of different photos of the damage, including the outside of the packaging, the shipping label, and the damaged product itself. We'll ask you to email or text us the photos and hang on to the damaged package until we're able to file the claim with the carrier. (We'll then let you know about next steps.)


Depending on the circumstances, you will have the option to have the order refunded or replaced. The timing of when a replacement can be sent or refund can be issued will depend on the shipping method originally selected and the status of the carrier investigation.

  • For UPS packages: Generally within 7 days from the claim issue date. (15 days for international packages.)
  • For USPS Priority Mail packages: Generally within 7 days from the claim issue date. (40 days for international packages.)
  • For USPS First Class packages: Generally within 30 days from the date of shipment. (40 days for international packages.)

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