If you're a practitioner wanting to send an update about a mutual patient to Pine Street, here are the key metrics to consider including in your report:

Retrospective Analysis: Knowing the current diagnosis, looking back over your serially collected set of diagnostic notes, are you able to retrospectively "see" this diagnosis? If so, and if you are a practitioner of TCM, what is the significant dominant energetic pattern to which you would connect the dots in regards to cause and effect?

Time Metrics: Is the patient doing better over time? Are your therapeutic goals being reached?

Performance Metrics: Is the patient feeling better over time? If you are a practitioner of TCM, are the underlying TCM energetic patterns that have been identified resolving?

Treatment Intensity Metrics: Is the patient reporting symptoms at each office visit? Are you responding to these symptoms at the optimal calibration?

Quality of Life Metrics: Is the patient feeling better than expected?

Treatment Synergy Metrics: According to your in-office diagnostics, is the patient having better-than-expected outcomes?

Treatment Focus Metrics: Based on your in-office diagnostics, what are your current concerns and what are your treatment goals and focus for the next six months?

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