Every protocol created is specifically designed for you and so it is helpful to have time to study information about you and your health background prior to your first visit.

The following are examples of the sorts of information that Michael likes to review prior to your visit. 

» A detailed agenda for your appointment, including the things you’re specifically wanting to discuss during your appointment, including questions you may have or decisions you’re needing to make.

» Things you've heard or read about that you want to hear Michael's opinion on. (Examples: "My friend did..." or "I read online about...")

» Details about who you’re currently working with and what treatments you’re currently doing or are planning to do.

» Details about your current diet, weight, exercise regimen, and stress level.

» Biographical information, such as your own personal summary of your health history, including how you’re feeling, what has worked and what has not, and various challenges and successes with your treatment you’ve encountered. Please include any information you think is important or that you feel may have contributed to your current medical situation.

» List of all medications, herbs, supplements, and over the counter pharmaceuticals you are currently or have recently taken. Please include current dosage. 

» A signed copy of our disclosure form.

» Copies of most recent medical records, such as reports from your doctor including those from surgeries, prior treatments (such as chemotherapy or radiation), recent blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and PET scans. Digital copies on CD are fine (original films are not necessary). If you are seeing (or have recently seen) any complementary or alternative practitioners, their report would also be useful, if available.

Please do not send any medical information until you have a confirmed appointment date and time.

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