Heat Sensitive Items

Products requiring shipment in a cool environment (perishable and frozen items) are subject to special shipping procedures, due to their sensitive nature, to ensure they are received in good condition. 

  • We recommend overnight shipping for heat-sensitive items
  • We recommend placing your order on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays only.
  • We do not recommend placing an order on Thursday or Friday.

Getting a heat-sensitive item in the mail doesn’t happen every day, so it is reasonable to consider the effectiveness of these items as you open your package. Rest assured that we have worked with our brand partners to develop a shipping process that is within their guidelines and maintains the efficacy of these items.

Heat sensitive items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

My probiotic didn't arrive with a cold pack. Is it OK?

Yes. Products are shipped according to manufacturer guidelines. Not every probiotic requires shipping with a cold pack.

My package arrived and the cold pack isn’t frozen. Is the product okay?

Yes. We add frozen gel packs to your package to help keep the heat-sensitive products cool in transit, and thawing of the gel packs during transit is normal and to be expected.

My heat-sensitive product is warm. Is it ok?

Yes. Heat-sensitive products, including probiotics, can be exposed to the temperatures common in parcel shipping for short periods of time without harming the efficacy of the products.

Why do you recommend I ship heat-sensitive items overnight?

The cooler nighttime temperatures during transit, and shorter time in transit, can help minimize heat stress to sensitive products.

Why do you state the product is heat sensitive when the label says to “store at room temperature”?

We state this as the product should maintain room temperature during transit to help ensure the integrity of the product. Gelcaps, gummies, and products containing chocolate are some examples of these types of items.

How do I store my heat-sensitive product?

We suggest following the storage instructions on the product label. To maintain maximum potency, you may want to refrigerate the heat-sensitive product as soon as you receive it. If gel caps arrive warm, they may benefit from being refrigerated for one-to-two hours once received.

Can I return my heat-sensitive product?

No. We do not accept returns of heat-sensitive products at this time.

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