Gathering & Sending Medical Records

What's the best way for my doctor or hospital to send you my records?
The best way is to request that they send the records to you directly and then for you to send us a copy. This has the benefit of 1) ensuring you have a complete set for yourself and 2) allows you to quickly follow-up with the doctor or hospital if they aren't actually sent. We strongly discourage having a doctor's office or hospital bypass you and send us any records directly.

Do you need everything? How far back should I go?
One way to think about it is: What is the reason you're coming to Pine Street and what do we need to know about your past and present to help you with your future? So, certainly this will include copies of all most recent medical records, such as reports from your doctor including those from surgeries, prior treatments (such as chemotherapy or radiation), recent blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and PET scans. Digital copies on CD are fine (original films are not necessary). If you are seeing (or have recently seen) any complementary or alternative practitioners, their report would also be useful, if available. And if there are any records you have but are not going to send, please provide a summary of what those records are so we can know what's missing from your file.

Will I get my records back from you?
Your records will not be returned to you unless specifically requested in advance.

Can you copy records for me?
We are not able to copy records or CDs.

Can I send you a "share" link from my online patient portal?
No. These links typically expire after a short period of time. The records you send must be permanently accessible.

When should I send in my records?
Records and other materials requested for your appointment should be sent as soon as possible and no later than 2 full business days prior to your appointment. (If your appointment is on a Monday, the latest records can be sent is the previous Wednesday.) 

My doctor is refusing to send me my records. What should I do?
With few exceptions, you have the legal right to obtain a complete copy of all of your medical records. In California, providers must provide copies of all records within 15 days of receiving a written request.

Do you save my records if I cancel my appointment?
If your appointment is cancelled (as opposed to rescheduled), your records will not be saved. If you choose to schedule a new appointment in the future, you will need to resend all records.

How do I send my records to you?
Once you have a confirmed appointment, please send to:

Pine Street Clinic
124 Pine St San Anselmo CA 94960
FAX: (888) 454-4034

Note: We can only accept records from patients with confirmed appointments. Unsolicited records will not be saved.

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