International Orders

Shipping outside the United States or using a credit card issued outside the United States? Here are some things to note:


Standard Process does not allow international sales or the use of freight forwarding services. Orders ultimately destined for international locations will be automatically cancelled.


For some brands, you will need to use a Freight Forwarding service, such as Planet Express. There are many others to also look into. Please note: We are not affiliated with any freight forwarding services and are not involved or responsible for their services.

How Freight Forwarding Works: You create an account with a Freight Forwarding service (such as Planet Express) and they give you a shipping address in the United States. You then place an order on our website and use your new United States shipping address. We will ship to that address and then the Freight Forwarding service will ship the package to you wherever you are in the world. Our responsibility ends once the package has been delivered to your Freight Forwarding service.


Credit cards that are issued outside the United States are accepted, but additional verification may be required. Please ensure that the billing address you enter exactly matches what your credit card company has on file for you.


Your country's import duties, taxes, and other fees are never included in the item and shipping totals and you are 100% responsible for paying any and all import duties, taxes, or other fees. You are also 100% responsible for knowing the rules and regulations for your country and ensuring you do not order anything that is prohibited, restricted, or requires special licensing.

Original outbound shipping costs are nonrefundable.

There are no guarantees for time in transit or delivery dates.

If a package is returned to us for any reason, you are responsible for the return shipping, warehousing, and any and all other related charges.


Note that UPS charges brokerage fees to help expedite customs clearances. You are responsible for these UPS fees.


If your package is lost or delayed, we will file an insurance claim and, once the claim is approved, issue a refund for the lost package back to you. Please note that our insurance company only accepts claims after 40 days have passed since the package was shipped.

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